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  • Quick and accurate research among more than 40 job categories
  • Organization and consistency of search results
  • Evaluative and comparative analysis of the professionals
  • Support services and appointment scheduling
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Offer your

  • Expansion of one's pool of potential customers
  • Use of new distribution and communication channels
  • Updating and upgrading of one's digital offer
  • Valuable & efficient enhancement of the offer to the public
Salty find a job view

A Job revolution.

Salty is the first app that best matches supply with demand of job performances, focusing on the individual while innovating solutions.


In-App messaging

Contact a professional you need, discuss your appointment, and keep in touch just by sending messages.


Mutual feedback

Thanks to our internal rating system based on users’ ratings, you can choose the professional profile that perfectly suits your needs even better.

Offering or seeking?

Offering or seeking?

Whether you are searching for the skillful professional, or you are the matching professional they are looking for, Salty is the right App for you.


Dynamic calendar

The calendar allows you to manage your agenda right away, so that you can be contacted only when available.

Searching by category

Searching by category

Thanks to the look-up function you can quickly find the person you are looking for; simply rely on Salty’s tools to consider a professional and arrange an appointment.

Phone reservation

Phone reservation

Would you prefer direct contact? Salty has thought about that too! Simply decide whether to activate the phone reservation function.