Salty - Il motore di ricerca dei professionisti - Video



Salty was designed and created for the purpose of revolutionizing both the process of research, selection, contact and evaluation of a professional, and the process of offer and presentation of one’s professional abilities to the public.


Salty has been also developed to get companies involved! So, we decided to develop a system that allows companies to benefit indirectly from the services related to the "offering" user by valuing its employees, collaborators and staff.


How it works?

If you are looking for a job figure suitable for your needs, choose wisely! Use salty to make infallible your research process, selection, contact and evaluation of the person who performs a job performance tailored for you.

If you want to offer your skills as a professional, create your job profile thanks to our fast, safe and customisable registration process. Once reachable from your potential clients you will receive reservations requests, according to the contacting preferences chosen when registering.

Exploit the full potential of the business account! You can create your own affiliate network and thus enhance the skills of your employees and staff by monitoring the feedback given by customers and refining your offering to the public.